Privacy Policy

1. The controller

Name: Alustatalo Oy
Business ID: 3102564-9
Postal address: Vanha Kaarelantie 33A, 01610 Vantaa

2. Person responsible for registration matters

Name: Miikka Korhonen
Phone: 040 591 0540

3. Name of the register

Alustatalo / Electronic services customer register

4. Purpose of the processing of personal data

Customer personal data may be processed for the following purposes:

customer relationship or transform into a business-like relationship management and administration
analysis and statistics
business planning, analysis and development of the registrar and the companies belonging to the same group as the registrar
the controller and the companies belonging to the same group as the controller
opinion and market research
other corresponding deployment purposes found in all of the following conflicting figures.
5. Information content of the register

Basic information of the data subject, such as:

First and last name
contact information (possible postal addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses)
the profession or position of corporate customer liaison officers in the work community
Information that uses services and content related to customer relationships and other relevant contexts

data controller services registered data
profiling and interest information provided by the data subject
information on purchases, such as information on products and services purchased, as well as necessary information on payments, invoicing and collection;
information available to the customer, possible possible recording of calls
feedback and complaints, contain incorrect and product liability information
Changes in the scope of the registrar’s electronic service and content, including the technical information (IP address, browser) sent to the registrar’s registrar’s server and the registered cookies sent for browsing and the necessary information, if all the required information is found.
Marketing and promotion uses information that may be found targeted
marketing measures, useful information for the next product and direct marketing authorizations and prohibitions
6. Regular sources of information

Registered information is available through regulatory compliance registration. The change is registered when the registrant participates in the registrar’s marketing activities.

The data is also obtained through the registrar’s online store or other electronic service, when the data must also be collected using cookies or similar technologies.

The collection and updating of personal data with the registrar and the fact that there are canned businesses among consumers can be recruited for the services provided by individuals.

7. Regular data transfers and data transfers outside the EU or the EEA

The creation of personal data is the only one on a regular basis for emissions within the limits allowed and required.

The controller may disclose personal data in an appropriate manner by the controller to affiliates for marketing purposes, unless the registrant’s materially available data is created for disclosure. The registrar used may transfer the data to his own direct marketing register after the end of the actual communication.

Personal data is not regularly disclosed for non-primary purposes. The controller is entitled, as far as the principal allows, to disclose personal data for the purpose of establishing the business. Available, the data controller may disclose information e.g. for statistical and analytical purposes before the data to be transmitted are combined with available persons.

8. Data cannot be regulated if there is a regional or European economic value decline in the European Community. If the transfer takes place for the purpose of processing personal data, that the exchange of data will take place best if the transfer of personal data must be complete.

9. Registry security priorities

Electronically generated personal data for protected areas of security by generally accepted technical means, such as firewalls and passwords. Only exclusively registered and active users will have access to the electronic register.

In a manual format where personal information is trusted for substances confirmed in a locked rooms.