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Business idea in mind but partner who understands it is missing?

You know, the world is full of small and bigger marketing agencies, ad agencies, design agencies, software companies, private consultants and consulting companies. Partnering with this group to execute the idea feels painful..

How to build intial stage product cost efficiently? How to grow business profitably? How to minimize supplier and personnel risks?

We faced these problems again and again in different businesses and latest in our own digital platform development. We did not find reasonable solution from marketplace so we decided to build it ourselves.

We can now proudly offer you know how and resources in scale of large service house by fairly below local market price. With help of our entrepreneur spirited core team and constantly growing key professional network you get all the services that successful digitalization requires.

Explore our services, choose set suitable for your situation and contact us.

  • Strategy consulting

    We help you to see opportunities and find your unique path to success by analyzing your market, your business and cultural trends.

    Business consulting

    There are millions of ways to organize and run your business and none of them is right or wrong. Some just are proven to work better in real life and we help you to find the optimal way.

    Technology consulting

    Emerging technologies are reshaping the business in a marketplaces you wouldn’t even think few years ago. We help you to understand the nature of those technologies and how you can leverage them in your business.

  • Visual identity

    Every brand needs fundamental certain visual elements to be a brand. Logo, typography, shape, colour palette and imagery make your brand stand out, to be remembered by a human being.

    Customer experience

    Take control of your customer’s experience from beginning to end and beyond that. We help you to map your customer’s journey and designing every touchpoint to make the customer feel every time getting more than giving.


    What’s your tone of voice? What kind of messaging attracts your target audience? We help you to communicate your businesses value to the marketplace in a proper way.

    UI & UX

    Your web service needs to be easy to use, clear, fast, designed for every device and following proven heuristics in order to lead user take desired action. After hundreds of web services developed, we help you to find the way right away.

  • Websites

    Responsive websites for your business that sell. We use mainly WordPress and PWA to ensure cost effective development and top-class user experience in all devices.


    Cloud services

    As you scale your business globally, your servers should not be the bottleneck. Our multi-cloud server team will migrate your old applications to cloud native and give your new applications birth in cloud. We have knowledge from AWS, Google Cloud and Azure.


    Planning to digitalize your product sales or modernize your old e-commerce? We offer you cost effective solutions for Woocommerce and Shopify e-commerces.

    Software testing & maintenance

    Softwares need continuous testing & maintenance during development & maintenance phases. Our cost-effective testing and maintenance solutions will ensure the top quality of your software.

    Custom Softwares

    We build custom softwares for internal use of businesses as well as SaaS’s for B2C & B2B markets. We always use latest frameworks like Laravel to ensure security and stability.

    MVP Development

    Worst thing you can do when you got an idea about digital product is to start years long development before getting the product to be tested by your potential clients. Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a method to get your business idea developed in a way where the core value adding process is working. With MVP you can start gathering real feedback from the marketplace and making money. We can develop your MVP in a time where others still organize their post-it notes.

  • PPC campaigns

    Be visible and attractive for potential customers on the right moment: when they are looking to buy your services. We are Google Ads certified partner.

    Social media marketing

    Create social following and foster discussion in social channels to gain authority in your audience.

    Search Engine Optimization

    Google, Youtube and Bing are the most popular search engines in the world. We help you to rank, earn organic traffic and decrease your relative ad budget.


    Written word is still the most powerful sales tool so far, but not all content sell. We help you to leverage the power of copywriting in your business.

    Email Marketing

    Email marketing is all about engaging with your audience in a cost efficient way. We help you to utilize the potential of email marketing with help of automation tools and proven strategies.

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