Tips, Tricks and Tools to use LinkedIn as a Lead Magnet and Growth Hacking
Tips, Tricks and Tools to use LinkedIn as a Lead Magnet and Growth Hacking
By rajesh sahotra
September 21, 2020 3 min read Marketing

LinkedIn is the best platform to increase your personal network whether you’re looking to grow your business profile or expand your personal network.

Here are some facts that will blow your mind.

LinkedIn was founded in December 2002 and launched in May 2003, within a month, It had 4500 members. And Currently linked in users are about to reach 706 Millions approx and active users are approx half of 706.

It is the world’s largest professional network and available in 24 languages. Which means you have a very good chance to engage with your potential clients and get quality leads for your business and Startups.

Useful LinkedIn Statistics

  • 706 million LinkedIn users, spread over 200 countries
  • US is the biggest market
  • 80% B2B Leads Comes From LinkedIn
  • 46% traffic comes on your official website through LinkedIn
  • More than 130,000 articles are published on LinkedIn weekly
  • More than 20 million jobs listed on LinkedIn
  • 50 million companies are listed on LinkedIn
  • More than 3 million US jobs posted every month
Linkedin country statistics
Linkedin country statistics – Source

“Linkedin is the best Social and professional network to generate quality leads”

linkedin lead generation
LinkedIn Lead Generation – Image Source Hub Spot

Here are some best tips and tricks to use LinkedIn as lead magnet and growth hacking.

  • Use Advanced searches without using a sales navigator. And search unlimited profiles without paying anything to LinkedIn.

Please enter in the fields below any job titles, company names or keywords you wish to include or exclude from your list. Multiple terms can be separated by commas.)

Hers is an example of search Query”CEO”+”London” -“marketing+head” -intitle:”profiles” -inurl:”dir/+”

This tool will help to find  potential client list.

Advanced searches without using a sales navigator
Advanced searches without using a sales navigator
  •  Grow your company profile page with these 3 hacks
    • Invite Connection
    • Share User engaging Content
    • Mentioned name on comment and post.
  • Optimize your Profile for better ranking
    • Identify keywords first and choose the best 3 keywords you want to rank.
    • Use those keywords in profile title, about us, recommendation & endorsement, experience and in your feature stories as well.
    • Make a list of those profiles which are ranking on those keywords, and use the tool –, to check their profile and own as well. it will give you stats about profiles and you get to know which section you need to work on.

Profile Optimization Tips – A well optimized LinkedIn profile creates a positive impression with contacts and prospects, and even increases your search presence.

    • It helps you to attract recruiters as well as your potentials Clients
    • It’s a great way to position yourself as an expert in your industry
  • Remove Background from image – – this tool helps to create a professional photo for your cover image.
  • Before reaching out to any clients, Use and copy LinkedIn profile and paste on crystalknows search bar, you will get behaviors insight of that person whom you are reaching out to.
  • Use tool for growth hacking, you can do almost any action on your behalf on the web. It’s efficient, fast and works on the cloud.

But Don’t use any automated tool, its against the linkedin algorithm. You can get banned. For practical purposes, try a different or dummy account to use this tool.

There are lot of API’s that will help to get almost all information from LinkedIn From emails to auto connect. All tasks can be automated.There are similar tools like this –, but the problem is, it works with chrome extensions and LinkedIn can easily detect this tool.

  • Export Leads from Linkedin Sales Navigator searches by using or You can download emails by using this tool. If you don’t want to spend on paid tools use phantom buster