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Why you should not build just another beautiful website? 

Going into a web project visual first is tempting but many times it ends up having just another beautiful website generating no leads or revenue. Websites can and should be developed with scientific approach: based on research, analysis and proper actions. That is exactly what we are doing. 

Elements of high quality website

Sells your products & services online

A website that would make your audience put trust in your ability to deliver good quality products and services

Generates traffic and leads

A user-friendly website that is a magnet for traffic and leads.

Is stable and integrated with business management tools

Website that is integrated with solid business management systems adds value to whole business.

Why choose Alustatalo for your brand?

      We consider your target customers buyers journey and build the website to serve their needs in an effective way in right time. 
      Whether your customer is in awareness stage, consideration stage or decision stage, your brand will be in strong position.
    Want proof? Each client in year 2020 achieved positive ROI on our services.

Our success receipt:

1. Create a Digital Strategy

Creating a digital platform is an investment, therefore it needs a strategy. If you don’t have it already we help you to create one. 

A good digital strategy answers well two questions: what to do and what not to do. We collect relevant data to back up your strategy by examining your current situation, goals and the marketplace.   

  • – Current strategy analysis
  • – Business analysis
  • – Competitor’s analysis
  • – Market research

2. Design the elements of the strategy

Once you have a digital strategy well defined, its elements need to be designed. Our design process starts from research and requirements gathering where we collect information from necessary stakeholders.

We design how you look, what you say, what you do and how people interact with you in different stages of buyer’s journey. We also design how your system will operate.

  • – Buyers journey mapping
  • – Visual identity
  • – Messaging
  • – Requirements engineering
  • – UI & UX design

3. Development of the website

Once we understand clearly what is needed from the platform, functional & technical requirements are well prioritized and defined we can start the development work. If the idea is new, we may create a fast MVP product to gather valuable feedback from the end users.

We practice agile methodologies in our development process to achieve the best results. 

Technologies can vary between WordPress, Woocommerce, Magento, Shopify, Laravel, Django…

4. Maintenance

Once your platform has published, it needs to be maintained and developed further. We provide cost effective and reliable maintenance services during your product’s lifecycle. Our expertise covers public cloud services as AWS, Azure and Google Cloud solutions as well as shared hosting solutions.

Website packages 

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Custom solution for more demanding needs


Turnkey premium level website up to 15 pages


Turnkey basic level website up to 8 pages

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